Welcome, loves!

"Letters to Jasmin" started off in a small journal (which still lives) dedicated to my daughter, Jasmin. My goal for these monthly updates of her beautiful life is for us to be able to look back at these magical moments together as time passes. I don't want to miss a single thing in her life and by putting it all together every month I hope to keep these memories forever. It'll be exciting one day to sit down with her and read about her adventures as a baby, toddler, and childhood life.

"A Step In My Shoes" has become my escape, and my place to write out all the feelings that bottle up inside me. Sometimes the posts there will be sad, angry, lost, or confusing; and sometimes they will be happy, exciting, inspiring, and full of emotion. This is my journey.

We have recently found out that we are expecting again! We are welcoming another beautiful baby girl in January of 2014. Soon, my blog will include "A New Life" featuring progression posts (starting at 20 weeks) on this pregnancy. In the future we will also see another "Letters to ..." section featuring monthly letters to our new addition to our family.

I hope you will all enjoy reading these posts as much as I enjoy writing them, and I'm hoping to expand my blog into something bigger one day. Enjoy!